Meet Jason Rostar

Digital Marketing Expert

I’m Jason Rostar – a Digital Marketing Consultant blazing the trail for hundreds of businesses. I offer expert insights to help ensure websites rank effectively on Google.


Dedicated to driving sales, brand awareness, and increasing profits through organic SEO. Actively working with WordPress, Shopify, HTML5, CSS3, and other technical web development tools to make changes to clients’ websites and develop new pages.


I carefully plan the layout and typography of a site while simultaneously making sure it’s easy to navigate, optimized for search engines, and works well across different devices and browsers.

Web Development

I specialize in crafting custom websites that perfectly meet my clients’ needs. In addition, my dedication to modern design and web development means I stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your website is attractive and intuitive.

Start Getting More Traffic

Industries I work with

From lawn care to e-commerce, I assist companies from a wide range of industries in achieving their goals. By leveraging my expertise across a broad spectrum of business administration, SEO, and web development, businesses can move forward confidently with tailored plans for success!

Vehicle Rentals

Home Improvement



Reach New Customers

Search Engine Optimization

Content Creation – I develop impactful content that draws in potential customers by targeting specific keywords and phrases related to a business or organization.

Technical SEO – I ensure that websites run quickly and securely by utilizing the latest technologies. This includes optimizing loading speeds to provide a seamless user experience and fixing broken links that can result in lost website traffic.

Analytics and Reporting – I use Google Analytics to track metrics such as traffic levels, conversion rates, and other key indicators. By leveraging this data-driven approach and deriving insights, I can identify trends that guide SEO strategies for maximum success.

Google Analytics

  • Number of website visitors and their demographics (age, gender, location, etc.)
  • Traffic sources (referral, organic search, paid search, etc.)
  • Pages per session and average session duration
  • Conversion rate and goal completion

Google Search Console

  • Search appearance: Information about how a website appears in Google search results
  • Search traffic: Data about clicks, impressions, and click-through rate for a website’s search listings
  • Keywords: A list of the keywords that drive traffic to a website from Google search results

Google Looker Studio

  • Visualize data using a range of charts.
  • Data can be updated in real-time, allowing users to monitor trends and changes as they happen.
  • Multiple users can  collaborate on data analysis and decision-making.

Looking for a new website?

Professional Web Development

Get ready to be wow’ed by your new website! It will look fantastic, function smoothly and create a pleasurable user experience. Plus, it’ll come with SEO-friendly benefits so you can start getting ranked on search engines right away.

Unique Projects

Custom Designs

Stand out from the crowd and make your brand one-of-a-kind! With my custom designs, you won’t be just another business in your industry. Get a unique logo, image, background design, or website layout that perfectly reflects who you are as an organization.